The Conciergerie du Golfe for the maintenance of your pool

Pool Maintenance

Our pool maintenance service is available to you either once or twice a week. Our qualified team will ensure you have clear water as well as a reliable and professional service.

We can intervene on your pool regularly as well as a one-time only service in the Grimaud and Saint-Tropez area
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Our Pool Maintenance Package includes:

Cleaning with the pool sweeper
doneCleaning with the skimmer
doneBackwash cleaning and rinsing of the filtration system
doneCleaning of the walls and steps
doneControl of the proper functioning of the equipments
doneEmptying the skimmer and pump basket
doneComplete chemical test
doneAddition of chemical products

What if you have to go away?

Enjoy your stay away from home, we take care of your pool when you are away as well…
entretien piscine conciergerie du golfe
Our customers love it!
The pool maintenance service includes the products
doneBe notified of all our interventions and access our detailed report on our online platform

The pool maintenance service is also about your pool's renovation and repairs. 

After using your pool for several years, your pool need repairs or renovation? The renovation or repair of your pool involves the change of your filtration accessories, of all plumbing and electric components (filter, pump, projectors, skimmers, etc.) as well as the ceramic tile joints or even the worn off ceramic tiles.

About the renovation of the ceramic joints: after a few years (usually about 5), they begin to appear cracked and dirty, providing sites for algae growth. It is when it becomes necessary to re-do the joints in order to avoid tile loss.

Our mission: to serve you...

Other services


The Conciergerie du Golfe offers to you the following optional services:

Spa maintenance
doneOpening and commissioning of the pool
doneBuilding of terrace, paving, low wall and other layout changes to fit your pool in your outdoor area
doneLeak search

Caretaking and house sitting for your Villa

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